Armchairs, the return of vintage

With its curves sometimes straight, sometimes voluptuous, or its daring colors, the retro armchair marks a strong come back in the living rooms. Both object of relaxation and decoration, the retro armchair is declined today in all the forms.

With vintage, mark your difference

Tired of having the same furniture as everyone, without imagination and soul ? Want to add a touch of fantasy to your home ? The vintage style is for you ! The leather armchair of the postwar period is today among the most popular models. Beyond the nostalgic effect, the reason for this success is simple: unlike today's armchairs and sofas, favoring rather neutral tones and wise lines to please a maximum of consumers, vintage armchairs do not hesitate to play the card of exuberance and take risks.

A wide variety of choices

The vintage armchair does not correspond to a well-identified style, but on the contrary brings together a multitude of trends. Are you going to be seduced by the 1950s cocktail armchair, to give your living room a delicious atmosphere of a smoky piano bar? Is your preference more for the abstract and clean style of the 1960s, directly inspired by pop art? Or will you simply chose a traditional leather armchair or a Bauhaus armchair from the 1920s, whose trench and geometric lines exert a power still fascinating ?

Furniture matching with all the decorations

This is the great strength of the retro armchair : its inimitable style allows it to merge gracefully in a traditional or little rustic interior, as well as in a room resolutely modern and bare.

Living room furniture

In a living room with an ethnic or oriental ambience, a bright red armchair from the 1970s or 1980s appears to be the most appropriate choice. In contrast, a more relaxing atmosphere should lead you to dominants such as blue or green.

The vintage armchair comes in all styles, and all prices! Take your time to make the best choice.